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  • Improves the immunity of the bird.

  • It has antioxidant, anti-stress and micronutrients which help keep the bird fresh. 

  • Resists secondary diseases.

  • Increases egg production in layers, and breeders and also increases hatchability. 

  • Reduces mortality up to 75% and helps increase profitability.


  • Vitamins, Amino acids, Milk proteins, omega FAS, Minerals, Electrolytes immunity-enhancing agents.


  • 500ML or 1000ML


  • Broilers: 5ml per 100 birds a 2nd & 3rd free

  • Breeders: 5ml per 100 birds up to
    7 weeks and 10ml per 100 birds up to
    225 weeks twice a week

  • Layers: 5ml/100 birds twice a week

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